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Marine spill kit are designed for waterways, docks, marinas or any site there is a risk of an oil and fuel spill into the water.

Marine spill kit are used to soak up hydrocarbon-based liquids whilst repelling water.

In defence against spills in the workplace, spill kits are an ideal mobile response unit and can be taken rapidly to the spill.

These kits are available in weatherproof wheeled containers (wheely bins) or high visibility spill response grab bags that can be taken virtually anywhere.


Our Spill Kits have no use-by date!

All Spillmaster Spill Kits have no use-by date. They can be stored safely until required in the event of a spill. If you have a spill and used components of your spill kit, simply re-order from us what was used to bring your spill kit back to its required stock level.

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