Spill Control is where spills of chemicals, oils, fuel etc. are contained within a barrier or drainage system rather than being absorbed at the surface.

Spill control equipment should be stored near spill hot spots or in close proximity to drains for rapid spill response by employees.

This is accomplished in many ways such as the use of:

Drain covers,Drain Wardens and protectors as containment barriers to safely control, contain and prevent spills from entering storm water or drainage systems.

Spill mats, collapsible bunds to capture spills before they escape into the environment.

Permanent floor bunding can be used to create a barrier and contain spills such as drive over rubber or aluminium bunding

Spill control equipment is essential for any organisation which stores, handles or transports any product likely to spill to ensure you comply with all relevant legislation whilst protecting our waterways, environment and employees from any harm or risk.


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