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Dangerous goods storage cabinets ensure personnel, visitors and the workplace remain safe whilst working with hazardous or dangerous substances.

This category includes items such as indoor flammable safety cabinets, corrosive storage cabinets, toxic substances cabinets and pesticide cabinets.

The storage of dangerous goods in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard is essential for companies aiming to meet their work safe obligations.

Choose from a range of shapes and sizes to suit your location as well as the type, size and quantity of containers to be stored.

Spill Control and Containment is important in workplaces as it ensures that any spills won’t have a negative impact on the environment or that employees won’t have prolonged exposure to dangerous or hazardous spills. It is required by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 that businesses have the correct spill control and containment tools to prepare and prevent spills, because using incompatible tools during a spill can create risks of environmental pollution and safety hazards for workers.

All dangerous goods storage areas must have adequate warning notices that comply with all government legislation and advise people of the possible danger and risks of going within a certain distance as well as emergency response numbers to use in case of accidents or emergencies.

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